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My name is Marc Mathys and I have been a licensed attorney since 1982. At “The Mathys Law Group, PC” we have a variety of legal services we offer. We pride ourselves in providing the effective legal representation and client satisfaction that meets the highest standards. As a valued client at The Mathys Law Group, PC you will enjoy the luxury of our knowledgeable and friendly staff. We are determined to achieve the best results for you the client with the least amount of risk or exposure.

Our Mission - Relieve you from your Creditors

At the Mathys Law Group, PC our mission is to give our clients relief from their financial troubles. We understand that every client’s problems are unique and require a customized approach with respect to reducing their liability, increasing cash flow, and positioning them for a fast rebuilding process. The answers are not simple. Some clients will be most suitable for one of our Legal Debt Resolution programs; others will be better served by filing for Bankruptcy protection, or they might be better off staying right where they are and continuing on the path to financial freedom. The law has many consumer protection laws that we can help you use to stop your creditors and we take the phone calls so that you can stop being harassed. We would love the opportunity to review your financial scenario and walk you through a number of different options!!!

Our Strategy - Set you
free, so you can live

Here at the Mathys Law Group, PC we understand that the “Strategy” makes the difference between success and failure. We are very careful with every move we make on behalf of our clients. It is always our goal to put our clients in a position of strength, where they can use leverage to achieve their individual goals. Every one of our clients has a very unique situation and requires a customized approach that we will put together on your behalf. We look forward to the opportunity to walk you through a customized strategy to let you put your debt behind you.


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